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About us

Barrowden Village Hall was built in 1927 and, in the almost 100 years since then, has been an invaluable asset to the community of Barrowden and the area around this Rutland village. The hall is situated next to the Community Shop and the NHS surgery, and together they combine to provide a central hub of services vital to the local community.

The Village Hall is a registered charity (Charity No. 1199981) and is managed by its own dedicated committee, which meets on a regular basis to make sure all the facilities are in order and that all health and safety issues are adhered to. The committee also organise fund raising events, keep all policies up to date, and arrange for all maintenance to be taken care of.

In addition, a sub group of trustees is working to ensure that this vital facility is not lost due to its current state of dilapidation, see more information in Build it or lose it! and find updates on the project in Latest News and Reports

The hall has an entertainments licence, alcohol licence and in addition is licensed for cinema and stage plays.

It is available for hire at very reasonable rates, for details see Hiring the Hall

The hall hosts many regular activities  run by both independent groups and by the trustees, why not check our Regular Events to see if anything appeals to you or Upcoming Events for even more exciting entertainment opportunities in your village.

Address: 24 Wakerley Road, Barrowden LE15 8EP

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